Working with the design and production team you'll be able to make on-car modifications to finalise the product

On-site design studio

Our dedicated on-site studio team can take your brief or help create a brief. Before prototyping we will create visuals for you to discuss internally and approve. Once a product is finalised we can issue high resolution and low resolution images for a range of marketing requirements (email, web and brochure).

Prototyping and design reviews

Once in the prototyping stage our team can modify and enhance the design on car to ensure it blends seamlessly with the vehicle lines. Whilst the approved 2D visual images may look good, we encourage customers to come on-site and view the car from all angles.

Speed and flexibility

We take pride in our ability to meet your timescales and needs. We will keep changing and modifying until you get the product and service you want. Our experience with large businesses is that no two are the same, our processes and products will need to be tailored to yours.

Case Studies

We are privileged to work with a range of clients including: Citro├źn, DS Automobiles, Kia, Nissan, Vauxhall, Fiat, BMW and Mini.
Here are a few examples of some of our work.